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The commonly referred to when talking about asbestos, however, this is in a large decline compared to other diseases.

It’s a scarring of the lung; many of us may have scars from various activities. Scar tissue is generally thicker and less pliable. Apply this to the alveoli, which are generally very thin and allow gas exchange from the lung to the blood. If this tissue thickens and hardens the oxygen will no longer to able to exchange and the lungs efficacy reduces.

Over time this will result in oxygen deprivation, no matter how full of a breath is taken only a certain amount of oxygen will be taken in.This condition usually ends up in the person being bed bound and can be terminal.

Can have a latency period of 15 years upwards but more commonly around 25 years.

Asbestosis is more likely to occur in those that have worked heavily and closely with asbestos over a long period of time.