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Understanding Asbestosis

This section offers a detailed look at Asbestosis, a significant lung disease associated with asbestos exposure.

What is Asbestosis?

Asbestosis is a condition marked by the scarring of lung tissue. Just as scars on the skin are thicker and less flexible, similar scarring in the lungs leads to reduced lung function.

Impact on the Lungs

The scarring affects the alveoli, which are vital for gas exchange between the lungs and blood. Thickening and hardening of these tissues impede oxygen exchange, leading to decreased lung efficacy.

Symptoms and Progression

Asbestosis gradually results in oxygen deprivation. Even with deep breaths, only a limited amount of oxygen is absorbed. In advanced stages, this condition can confine a person to bed and may be terminal.

Latency Period

The latency period for Asbestosis can range from 15 years, typically manifesting around 25 years after initial exposure. It is more prevalent in individuals who have had prolonged and intensive contact with asbestos.

Understanding Asbestosis is crucial for recognizing the long-term impacts of asbestos exposure and the importance of protective measures in high-risk environments.