Deadly Forms of Asbestos Part 1

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Understanding Asbestos in Building Materials

Asbestos in Everyday Building Products

Asbestos, particularly Chrysotile, has been incorporated into a range of building materials, including toilet systems, banisters, and window ledges. This integration typically occurs under the PVC plastics and resins category.

Examples of Asbestos-Containing Products

  • Pub Toilets: Despite their color, cisterns can contain asbestos.
  • Toilet Seats: Chosen for their water resistance and durability.
  • Water Tanks: Noted for longevity and water resistance.
  • Window Ledges: Prone to water leakage, making them common sites for asbestos use.

Asbestos Flooring

Old-fashioned or speckled floor tiles are likely to contain asbestos. Types include thermoplastic tiles (20% Chrysotile), PVC tiles (70% Chrysotile), and paper-backed flooring (100% Compressed Chrysotile).

Risks and Removal

While not high-risk, the main concern arises during removal due to asbestos in adhesives.

Asbestos Bitumen Products

These products, such as roofing felt and damp proofing, generally contain about 8% white asbestos, used for water resistance and fireproofing.

Examples and Usage

  • Sink pads: Used for soundproofing.
  • Galbestos: Profiled sheets with external asbestos lining.

Texture Coatings and Asbestos Cement

Texture coatings like Artex, often used on ceilings and walls, may contain about 5% asbestos. Asbestos cement, used in various forms, typically contains 10-15% asbestos.

Common Applications

  • Corrugated Sheets: Used in farmhouses and sheds.
  • Slates and Tiles: Appearance similar to modern tiles, requiring careful age assessment.
  • Flues, Valves, and Vents: Contain asbestos for heat resistance.

Asbestos in Entrance Ways

Low-rise block flats' entrance ways may contain asbestos cement for fire resistance, posing a risk if damaged.