Exposure Limits

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Asbestos Exposure Limits in the Workplace

This section provides crucial information on the legal exposure limits to asbestos in the workplace as defined by asbestos regulations.

Legal Asbestos Exposure Limits

The asbestos regulations define the maximum permissible level of asbestos exposure in the workplace. The law stipulates that:

  • An individual can be exposed to a maximum of 0.1 fibre per cubic centimetre over a four-hour period.
  • This concentration is equivalent to 0.1 of a fibre in a cubic space measuring approximately one inch on each side, containing 2-3 million fibres.

Short-term Exposure Considerations

For short-term exposure, the limit is set at:

  • 0.6 fibres per cubic centimetre over a 10-minute period.

Note: Exposure levels between 0.1 to 0.6 fibres per cubic centimetre are generally considered to pose minimal risk of causing asbestos-related diseases.

This guide serves to inform workers and employers about the legal limits of asbestos exposure, highlighting the importance of adhering to these limits to ensure safety in the workplace.