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Duty to Manage Asbestos Regulation 5

This is the requirement for identification of asbestos. If an employee is to do work that could expose them to asbestos then the correct identification needs to be done such as type, quantity and how easy it is to remove.

We can either do the inspection to see if its present or we can choose not to. If you decide not to then you must assume that asbestos is present and do all the licensed removal process. As of January 2010, any building built or maintained prior to 1999 must have an asbestos register

2 types of survey: -

Management Survey is a skin-deep survey and allows work to carry on, it involves sampling and testing of any assumed asbestos materials e.g., floorboards, plaster boards etc.

With Refurbishment Surveys, we don’t need to concern ourselves with repairing walls as they're going to be ripped down, so instead, a bore would be taken from the wall and sent off for testing.

Both of these surveys have a positive sampling, where samples are sent off to a lab, which then informs whether or not asbestos is present.

A presumptive survey no longer exists but involved someone walking around and merely pointing out potential asbestos areas and that was it.

All information is placed into an asbestos register, which informs locations, quantities, and types of asbestos located in a building.