Who Is At Risk from Asbestos

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Understanding Asbestos Risk Groups

This document outlines the various professions historically and currently at risk of asbestos exposure, highlighting the importance of safety measures in these fields.

Historically High-Risk Professions

  • Shipbuilders: Previously, shipbuilders faced significant risks due to the use of asbestos in ship hull insulation.
  • Railway Engineering: Exposure occurred through brake shoes in locomotives, where asbestos dust would become airborne.

Additionally, asbestos workers and their families were at risk due to passive exposure from work-related asbestos contamination.

Current High-Risk Professions

  • Building Trades: Workers in trades such as gas fitting, electricity, demolition, and refurbishment.
  • Trade Fitters: Including satellite fitters, who may encounter asbestos when drilling into walls.

Note on Exposure

It is important to note that small, one-time exposures to asbestos are generally not a cause for alarm. However, long-term exposure, particularly in large amounts, is a significant health concern.

This information aims to raise awareness about the risks of asbestos exposure in various trades, emphasizing the need for appropriate safety precautions.