If you think you have found asbestos

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Urgent Response to Asbestos Disturbance During Work

Knowing how to react swiftly and effectively when asbestos is disturbed during work activities is critical for worker safety and compliance with health regulations.

Immediate Actions When Asbestos is Disturbed

If you encounter asbestos disturbance, it's essential to:

  • Halt all work activities immediately.
  • Consult and follow guidance on managing accidental asbestos disturbance, which includes containment and reporting procedures.

Trades with Higher Risk of Asbestos Encounter

Workers in certain fields are more likely to come into contact with asbestos, particularly in activities like:

  • Maintenance or repair work
  • Refurbishment or retrofitting
  • Demolition tasks
  • Installation tasks, including fitting smart meters

Heightened Risk Conditions

The risk of asbestos exposure increases under specific conditions, such as:

  • Lack of prior inspection for asbestos-containing materials
  • Non-communication of asbestos presence by responsible parties
  • Lack of training to identify and handle asbestos safely
  • Working in buildings constructed or refurbished before 2000
  • Disregarding safety precautions or training, often to save time or due to underestimating the risk

Asbestos Safety in Owner-Occupied Homes

In owner-occupied homes, both workers and employers must take necessary precautions to prevent asbestos exposure. This is crucial to safeguard not just the workers, but also homeowners and other occupants.

Importance of Adhering to Safety and Legal Requirements

Prioritising safety and following legal guidelines when dealing with asbestos is paramount due to the severe and long-lasting health risks associated with exposure.


Effective management of asbestos-related situations in the workplace is essential for the safety of all. Immediate action, appropriate training, and adherence to safety procedures are crucial in mitigating the risks of asbestos exposure.