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Upon Discovery

What to do with asbestos upon discovery depends on a couple of factors has it been disturbed and has it been damaged or not.

If you enter premises and see materials that may contain asbestos and it hasn’t been damaged or disturbed then stop work and leave it. You must now warn other people of the danger and inform your manager/supervisor, if they say its okay and show you the register then you can carry on with your work. If it’s not known of then risk assessments need to be done and the area closed off until dealt with.

If asbestos has been disturbed or damaged you need to warn other people and get them out remember you have a duty of care to others. Don’t run around yelling asbestos as this will just spread the contaminant, instead stand on the opposite side of the room and wear PPE as soon as possible.

Put in place the asbestos management programme, which will generally be decontamination team being involved who will clean you.