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Licensed Work

If the work exceeds the exposure limits previously mentioned then a license will be required to work.

Currently 3 categories of licensed work

1.     Licensed and Notifiable

2.     Non-Licensed and Notifiable

3.     Non-Licensed and Non-Notifiable

These categories came into play alongside the Asbestos act 2012. The License and Notifiable works then the HSE need to be notified 14 days before work takes place.

Under non-licensed works sometimes there will need to notify and other times not, this comes down to friability, which is how likely is it that the asbestos will release fibres, if it is likely then it will be Notifiable, if for example you’re removing an asbestos sheet and it has a low risk, then it will be Non-Notifiable.

Records must be kept of who undertook the work, exposure levels etc and the records must be kept for 40 years.