Licensed Work

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Guidelines for Licensed Work Involving Asbestos

This section outlines the regulations and requirements for licensed work involving asbestos, under the Asbestos Act 2012.

Categories of Licensed Work

There are three main categories for licensed asbestos work:

  1. Licensed and Notifiable: This type of work requires prior notification to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) at least 14 days before work commences.
  2. Non-Licensed and Notifiable: Certain non-licensed works still require notification, depending on the potential for asbestos fibre release.
  3. Non-Licensed and Non-Notifiable: Involves work with a lower risk of asbestos fibre release, such as removing intact asbestos sheets, and does not require notification.

Friability Considerations in Work Classification

The classification between notifiable and non-notifiable work depends on the friability of the asbestos material. Friability refers to how likely the asbestos is to release fibres. Highly friable materials require notifiable procedures.

Record-Keeping Requirements

Comprehensive records of all asbestos-related work, including who undertook the work and exposure levels, must be meticulously maintained. These records are required to be kept for a duration of 40 years.

This guide helps workers and employers understand the licensing requirements for different types of asbestos work, emphasizing the importance of complying with legal standards for health and safety.