Duty to Manage Asbestos Regulation 4

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Understanding the Duty to Manage Asbestos: Regulation 4

This section provides an overview of the responsibilities under Regulation 4 for managing asbestos in non-domestic premises.

Responsibility for Asbestos Management

Regulation 4 places a duty on the owners or those in control of non-domestic premises to manage any asbestos within the property. This includes premises that are rented or leased.

Identifying Responsibility

It is crucial to refer to lease or rental agreements to determine who is responsible for asbestos management - the landlord or the tenant. In cases where responsibility is not explicitly mentioned, it generally falls upon the landlord.

Scope of Non-Domestic Premises

'Non-domestic' encompasses commercial buildings such as shops, schools, factories, and warehouses.

Grey Areas in Asbestos Management

There are certain grey areas, particularly in communal spaces within domestic buildings, like stairwells and hallways in blocks of flats. These areas may fall under the duty to manage asbestos as per Regulation 4.

This guide is aimed at ensuring those responsible for properties are aware of their obligations under Regulation 4 to manage asbestos effectively, particularly in non-domestic premises.