Associated Regulations

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Associated Regulations

Different associated regulations, the Health and Safety at work act, put duties on employers and employees

The main duty of the employer is to protect Health, Safety, and Welfare of employees. They need to stop them from having an accident and protect their health such as preventing asbestosis etc.

You as the employee have a duty to protect yourself and others around you. If you knock a hole into a wall knowing asbestos was present and other people breath in these fibres you have potentially broken the law and could be prosecuted.

The Management of Health and safety at work regulations, these put one major duty that people have to do such as regulation 3 – The RiskAssessment. The risk assessment includes what the dangers are? Who could be harmed? How can they be harmed? And what can be done to prevent it?

RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and DangerousOccurrences Regulations) this one is a requirement on the employer to report certain situations to the HSE. Dangerous situations can vary but here were referring to any incidents that can cause long-term injury such as asbestos inhalation.

The HSE can use this information to identify the what, where and how and if negligence is found then the employer and employee could be betaken to court.