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Lung Cancer

Ironically it is our own bodies that contribute to lung cancer when referring to asbestos due to the release of the acids and enzymes the white blood cells produce.

You’re 8 -10times more likely to get lung cancer if you work with asbestos, if you smoke you is also 8 - 10 times more likely to get cancer if you smoke.

The microlite filter shown in the TV adverts contains blue asbestos and you would inhale around 3 million fibres on the first 2 puffs.

When combining working with asbestos and smoking, you’reincreasing the chance of lung cancer somewhere between 50-90 times, the reason its so high is because of the various toxins in cigarettes causes large amounts of enzymes to be released by white blood cells, this on top of the asbestos means the likelihood is that much higher.