Managing asbestos in a building and duty holders

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Key Roles and Responsibilities of Asbestos Duty Holders

Understanding the essential duties for those legally responsible for managing asbestos in buildings, known as 'duty holders', is crucial for maintaining safety and compliance.

Who are Asbestos Duty Holders?

Duty holders can include building owners, landlords, or any entities responsible for building maintenance or repair.

Primary Goal of a Duty Holder

The main objective is to protect individuals from asbestos risks, affecting both workers and other building users.

Evaluating Competence in Asbestos Management

As a duty holder, assess your capability to manage asbestos, which may involve:

  • Obtaining relevant training
  • Seeking support from industry specialists

Understanding the 'Duty to Manage Asbestos'

This duty, part of the Control of Asbestos Regulations, applies to all non-domestic premises and certain areas of domestic buildings.

Responsibilities Under the Regulations

Duty holders must:

  • Identify the presence, amount, location, and condition of any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs)
  • Presume materials contain asbestos unless proven otherwise
  • Maintain an up-to-date record of ACMs
  • Evaluate risks of airborne asbestos fibre exposure
  • Develop, implement, and review an asbestos management plan annually
  • Monitor the condition of ACMs
  • Inform relevant parties about the ACMs' location and condition

Accessing Resources and Best Practices

Utilise the Approved Code of Practice and online resources for guidance on complying with asbestos management regulations.

Training for Asbestos Management

Identify a responsible person within your organisation to oversee ACM management. This individual should possess:

  • Necessary skills and training
  • Adequate resources and authority

Training for Asbestos Management Plan

Provide training for staff involved in aspects of the asbestos management plan, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.


As an asbestos duty holder, it is crucial to understand and fulfil your responsibilities, ensuring the effective and safe management of asbestos in buildings. Appropriate training and resource allocation are vital for compliance and safety.